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All About Annie's


Annie started her business on a shoestring budget. As a matter of fact, her only purchases to first open the store were a few boxes of candy bars. It was these types of sales that allowed Annie to grow the business and eventually sell products the town residents would need every day. If a customer wanted a particular item and Annie didn't have the product on her shelf, she would do everything she could to provide for the customer. It's that type of customer service we try to represent day in and day out. The familiar saying "If you can't get it at Annie's you won't get it anywhere" almost played as a slogan for the general store as it was often heard in Annie's place of business.  


Annie brought a level of service that was unheard of in the Bonavista area. She offered credit accounts, customer cash loans, and free grocery deliveries all with a pleasant smile and humble personality. It was this level of service that contributed to the success of Annie's as the store thrived in the town for years. Annie would often go without supper as customers would interrupt her mealtime to shop for particular products. Nevertheless, Annie would keep her smile and charm vibrant as running the business was always "a labour of love". 


In 1977, Annie's son Dave took over the business until 1994. Dave cut logs to produce lumber in the area with his Uncle who lived next door. With this lumber Dave eventually built an expansion onto the store which now has been remodelled into Annie's Landing. 


We hope you enjoy your stay at Annie's. The location is historically known for quality service and we hope to bring that to you with each visit. 

Annie's Landing is a Vacation Suite located in beautiful Bonavista, Newfoundland. Bonavista being one of the Tourism Capitals of Newfoundland, we guarantee a true Newfoundland experience during your visit. Annie's used to be the town's busiest General Store. Annie Sweetland, Owner and Operator of the store strived everyday to provide customers with impeccable customer service. This quality of service continues through our Vacation Suites today! Check out Annie's story below.

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